Stein Planning, LLC

Financial Analysis for Economic Development

Stein Planning, LLC has excelled at forecasting cash flows associated with  local taxes and incentives since 1991.  Specialties include tax increment financing (TIF reinvestment zones), public improvement districts (PIDs), and Chapter 380 or 381 economic development grants of sales tax and other incentives. 
Whether working for private or public clients, objectives include:
            (1) Facilitation of quality development or redevelopment that's otherwise unlikely;
            (2) Increasing tax revenue for local governments;
            (3) Facilitation of capital improvements or services for public benefit. 
Stein Planning services include:
            (1) Forecasting annual property taxes, sales tax and hotel occupancy tax for evaluation of local government revenue and potential development incentives; 
            (2) Preparation and update of project plans and financing plans for TIF reinvestment zones; 
            (3) Preparation and update of PID service and assessment plans. 
With a geographic focus on Texas clients, particularly the region surrounding Dallas and Fort Worth, Stein Planning understands local policies and trends and works cooperatively with local governments and expert attorneys specializing in land development incentives.  Stein financial models are realistic and credible. 
For more information, contact Mark Stein at 214.526.3733 or
             Postal address:    3631 Normandy Avenue, Dallas, TX 75205